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Easy-Peasy: My Manifesto for Social Change

Once upon a time, I wrote this as a response to a classmate, who made the mistake of wondering out loud how I thought we could create social change.  I’m posting it because I still agree with most of it.  Quotation follows, with names removed to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent alike: Baldly stated, I […]

Random Thought of the Day

Is there a link between irrational social behavior and ideology? Marx didn’t think so.  He felt that if you came to a place where people started acting strangely (or, at least, counter to their own interests) you just weren’t looking hard enough.  Hence the complicated, and in my opinion, way-way-way too convoluted system of justifications […]

Two-way threats? Not hardly.

Dr. Cowen, over at the always worthwhile Marginal Revolution, wonders who might be a member of the clergy and an economist, all at the same time. Cowen and friends manage to rattle off lots of clergy/economists, starting with various medieval gentlemen and drawing a more or less abrupt halt somewhere in the middle of the […]