How Did Marx Miss This?

Marx, of course, never missed a chance to point the way past capitalism.  There’s about 6 inches of paper holding down my bookshelf to bear witness to this.

But I don’t seem to recall this particular denunciation: apparently, shifting from a (crude) form of communism to a (crude) form of capitalism leads to skyrocketing rates of demonic possession.  So says Fr. Aleksander Posacki, a Warsaw-based Roman Catholic priest who is described by the Agence France-Presse as a “professor of philosophy, theology and leading demonologist and exorcist.”

Posacki claims that the rise in demonic possession is “indirectly due to changes in the system: capitalism creates more opportunities to do business in the area of occultism.”


Oh, and Posacki is also involved in the publication of a new monthly magazine, Egzorcysta, which is dedicated to all kinds of demon-chasing.  It’ll set you back a cool 10 zloty a copy.  Plus shipping, I presume.

Part of me can’t help but wonder if Posacki (by producing, marketing, and selling this publication) isn’t acting–just a little bit–like the guy who throws nails on the road in front of his tire shop.

Buyer beware, indeed.

Tip o’ the cap to The Raw Story, first.  Then to Bookslut, and then (of course) to Marginal Revolution.  (“What a tangled web we weave…”)


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